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Thermal Break Technology

Futureline Thermaly Broken Aluminium Framing System

Capral commercial glazing systems have long set the benchmark for others to match and the new Capral Futureline 440TB thermally broken framing system is no exception.

Modelled on the same simplicity and versatility which has long been a hallmark of Capral commercial framing systems, the Futureline 440TB framing system incorporates the glazing capacity to accommodate high performance double glazed units while retaining the crisp, clean profiles typically associated with commercial glazing systems.

The use of the latest thermal break technologies including single bar multi-hollow and double bar polyamide strips have all been incorporated into the Futureline 440TB framing system to deliver excellent levels of thermal insulation. Mullions and transoms have been designed to accommodate common modular construction methods, allowing it to be fabricated in a similar manner to non-thermally broken framing systems.

The environmental credentials of the Futureline range extend beyond its excellent thermal design performance – the actual metal itself being formed from Ecometal™ incorporating up to 25% recycled metal content and sourced from smelters using hydro-electric energy sources.

The Capral Futureline 440TB framing system offers the best of both worlds; a strong architectural aesthetic with a level of thermal efficiency usually associated with narrower, less substantial framing systems.

Download the AGS Futureline Thermal Break Brochure

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding ‘Uw’ values down to 1.70
  • Crisp, clean square profile
  • Modular frame construction
  • Thermally broken Sub Frames
  • Made from Ecometal™

At Allglass Wagga we manufacture the following range of Thermally Broken Products

Awning & Casement Window - Futureline Thermal

Hinged Door Futureline Thermal

Sliding Window - Futureline Thermal

Sliding Door - Futureline Thermal


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