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Energy Efficient Glass

Energy Efficient Glass
Ordinary glass vs performance glass
Poorly designed windows can act as an ‘energy leak’ in an otherwise well insulated home. A typically well insulated building with ordinary clear single glazing loses up to 49%of heat through windows in winter. The same windows allow up to 87%of solar heat gain during summer. But it doesn’t have to be this way – the use of windows with performance glass can vastly improve these figures by:
  • Maximising the use of natural solar energy which enters your home as light and heat when it is desirable, but limiting it at times and in areas when it is not.
  • Reducing your dependency on artificial lighting by allowing more natural light into your home where and when it is required.
  • Reducing the amount of artificial heating energy that escapes to the atmosphere.
  • Maintaining cooler temperatures for longer by reducing unwanted heat entering your home.
The price of comfort
The energy we use for space heating and cooling of homes is significant, accounting for about 38% of our total household energy use. As homes have become larger, so too have the costs of heating and cooling them. Making a home energy efficient means improving the performance of lighting, heating and air conditioning as well as the other services that consume energy.
Of equal importance, it means addressing all the ways that heat flows into and out of a home through the roof, walls and windows. And of course, the most energy-efficient light bulb is the one that doesn’t need to be switched on because the house makes optimal use of natural light.
As energy prices continue to climb, choosing the right energy efficient performance glass in your home becomes more important than ever before. It’s the difference between your windows being a positive design feature in a comfortable and beautiful home, or having them as an energy liability.
At Allglass Wagga, we offer a variety of energy efficient window solutions with different budgets in mind. 
Viridian EnergyTech™
The foundation for better insulation and solar control
The comprehensive range of ViridianEnergyTech™and ViridianSolTech™Low E products offer improved thermal insulation and a choice of solar control performance with low visible light reflection. The application of the SolTech and EnergyTech Low Emissivity coating to the glass improves their thermal insulation (U-Value) and also further reduces the solar heat gain (SHGC) by inhibiting inward transmission of the solar energy absorbed by the glass, whilst still providing good daylighting performance.
The range of Low E glass includes a choice of performance and colours, including greys, greens, neutral and clear to satisfy different designs objectives. Using the durable pyrolytic hard coat technology enables the Low E coating to be single glazed and exposed to the interior of a building to provide improved thermal insulation. The products can also be used as part of a laminated glass or in an insulated glass unit.
Features & benefits
  • Thermal insulation: Low E coating provides enhanced thermal insulation by lowering the U Value of the glass
  • Solar Control: A broad range of solar control performance to choose from for Australian conditions
  • Daylighting: Provides a choice of good visible day lighting to reduce the need for interior lighting
  • Low Visible Reflectivity: Low visible light reflectivity to provide good transparency
  • Pyrolytic coating: Durable hard coating bonded to the glass to provide excellent shelf life and can be used single glazed with the coating exposed to the interior of building
  • Easy processingCan be toughened, laminated, curved or used in an insulated glass unit
Viridian ComfortPlus™
Energy efficiency without compromising your views
ComfortPlus™ has long been recognised as Australasia’s leading Low E performance laminate. Initially ComfortPlus was designed as a residential range of Low E laminates. Over time, ComfortPlus has been used increasingly in commercial applications. Within the Low E laminate range, ComfortPlus is a high performance glass solution that can be used to maximise a buildings’ glazing potential by bringing in the
The ComfortPlus range of laminated glass has been developed to meet specifiers’ objectives of transparency and high performance solar control with low reflection. Equally, it economically manages the heat of summer and the cold of winter. It incorporates a solar control component that in summer reduces the sun’s heating, glare and UV fading of interior furnishings. In winter, the ComfortPlus coating provides thermal insulation and reduces heat loss through the glass by over 30% when compared to standard glass, without heavy tinting or reflective mirror-like coatings that reduce natural light.
Please note that the presence of haze may be perceived under certain lighting conditions.
Features and benefits
ComfortPlus is a laminated safety glass for use in windows and doors that form part of the building fabric, available in clear, neutral, grey, green or translucent, and is manufactured with a permanent transparent coating which must be glazed to the inside of the building. As with all monolithic Low E products, it is not appropriated that ComfortPlus be used where the coated surface is permanently exposed to the exterior.
  • Summer and winter performance through the unique combination of solar control glass and coating.
  • High daylight transmission up to 76%.
  • Solar control – up to 70% of solar heat transmission is eliminated.
  • Thermal insulation – a 30% improvement in U Value over standard glass means less heat is transmitted.
  • Fading reduction – ComfortPlus reduces UV radiation by 99%, increasing the life of furnishings by 8.5 times.
  • Safety – ComfortPlus is a Grade A safety glass. It reduces the potential for injury and if broken remains in place.
  • Noise – the ComfortPlus laminate reduces voice noise by 13% and traffic noise by 24% when compared to standard 3mm glass. Sun glare can be reduced by using ComfortPlus Grey 40.
  • Security – thicker interlayers are available for increased resistance to physical attack.
  • Privacy – ComfortPlus Translucent addresses the concerns for privacy of homeowners, providing a solution for overlooking.
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