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Sliding Window - Architectural

Sliding Aluminium Window - Architectural (AGS -101.6mm)

The AGS Sliding Aluminium Window incorporates the features and flexibility of a residential window system into the commercial grade AGS Narrowline framing system.

The AGS Sliding AluminiumWindow is particularly suited to architectural applications where a more substantial, commercial appearance is desired.

The AGS Sliding AluminiumWindow delivers a neat and streamlined appearance with their squared mullions and glazing beads.

With the use of adaptors, the AGS sliding windows can be double glazed to offer an enhanced level of thermal comfort and performance and deliver sliding sash functionality in a modern and bold external framing system.

Features & Benefits

  • Bold 101.6mm outer frame for commercial and architectural applications
  • Single and double glazed options
  • 480 Slider-over-slider functionality
  • Integrated head and sill design for neat, clean appearance
  • Adjustable rollers and height adjustable lockable latching option
  • Integrated insect and security screening options
  • Compatible with a range of AGS suites

Additional Product Information

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